Danielle Dory

“The Case for Hiring ‘Under-Qualified’ Employees”

In Blog, Uncategorized on June 18, 2012 at 3:40 pm

Forbes recently released an article entitled “The Case for Hiring ‘Under-Qualified Employees.”  This is what I have to say on the matter…

For the past three summers I have worked at the educational testing powerhouse ETS.  By the second year I had advance experience with Microsoft Project, Excel, SharePoint and rocking it when it came to running my own meetings. 

However, I did not walk into my first day of work knowing as much as I do now.  If I were to provide you with a high-level timeline of my work experiences it would look like this:

Day 1-

     First day at work as a Corporate Project Management Intern…

 So, what is that?

Meeting with the director of CPMO   (Corporate Project Management Office)…

Hi, um… (silence).

First facilitated meeting…

(flustered. flustered. flustered)

Last Day of Year 1 (3 months later)-

Go to person for the project

Running multiple meetings and multiple projects

Conversing with executives and client executives

Comfortable. Confident. Challenged yet in control.





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