Danielle Dory

“Get Your Free Knowledge!”

In Blog, Public Speaking on June 22, 2012 at 10:06 am

The nerd/lifetime student in me is pretty excited today!  The VP of the Higher Education Division is giving a lecture on the future of higher education soon, and today a pioneer in Early Education is coming to share her teacher competency testing model!  I won’t lie to you, I miss college.  I miss my friends. I miss the conversations.  I miss most of my professors.  I even miss the communal feeling I get when I look down from the top floor of the student union at 4am to see that 5 other people are still typing away perfecting papers.  Still, what I miss the most about college are the open lectures.  Award winning and small time artist come from all over the world.  CEOs, economists, doctors, homeless people of Charlotte, and they all come partake in intellectual and cultural exchange.   So it should come to you as no surprise that when my job is offering lectures and seminars, I almost always sign up.  This leads me to my next tip and trick…

Keep an eye out for free lectures!  My grandfather always told me, “No matter how much education you have, you’re not the smartest person in the room.”  Basically, no matter where you are you can always learn something from the person sitting next to you, on the other side of the room, or besides you in the elevator.  So if someone is offering a lecture on something that remotely interests you, go ahead and sign up for it!  Don’t throw away the chance for some free education!

It’s also not a bad place to work on your personal conversation initiative or to keep yourself busy!


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