Danielle Dory


Danielle Dory is a recent graduate from the top-ten liberal arts college, Davidson College.  She spent three consecutive summers interning for the non-profit,  Educational Testing Service, under their Corporate Project Management Office as a Project Coordinator.  While at ETS she observes the industry standard’s Best Practices inorder to track, schedule and construct project plans throughout their Life Cycle. She also has 2+ years experience with SharePoint, Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Adobe – amongst other programs.

During the spring her senior year Danielle worked as a consultant for HealthReach Community Clinic.  While working with HealthReach, Danielle research and constructed a long-term strategic marketing campaign aimed at increasing volenteer doctors margins triple fold by 2016.

High School

 Before her matriculation into Davidson College, Danielle attended the prestigious boarding school Tabor Academy, located in Marion, MA, where she graduated in the top ten percent. During high school Danielle participated on the Varsity Women’s Crew and Basketball Teams while also being an active member of Model United Nations and theater productions.



Through college and high school study abroad programs, Danielle has studied in the Netherlands, Morocco, Croatia and France.  While in the Netherlands she completed an independent study paper, Women to Women: Rewriting “Her”story, detailing the Netherland’s recent history with migrant woman of color through the eyes of four Dutch artists and professionals of color.  She also accompanied this study with a spoken-word mixtape she created using audio clips of her interviews, speeches, music and original poems.


 Want to know more? Email me at beginnersguide2workplace@gmail.com .



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